Announcing OfficeChat v1.5


Every day, new teams are coming to Office Chat, big and small, start-ups to multi-nationals! Today we are thrilled to bring the following features and make Office Chat a solution for even more companies. The ability to sign-up with any valid emails including public email such as, etc. is now available. So, if […]

Instant Messaging Increases Productivity In Your Office

Office Chat Group Instant Messaging

In a time where so many of us are conducting business on the go, it only makes sense to have access to better mobile communication tools. There are quite a few mobile instant messaging applications yet few are specific to business. In a mobile business world, how do you go about getting answers to questions […]

Picture Messaging Humanizes Communication At Work

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The advances in communication technology have changed not only changed our expectations of communication but also the method in which we communicate. With the widespread adoption of mobile devices, we no longer have to be at our desk or home to make phone calls. Text messaging took the idea of instant communication one step further. […]

Office Chat Free App For Messaging – Saving Companies Money

SMS vs. IM

Companies are always looking for ways to save on their employee mobile plans. Costly mobile bills can add up even in a big corporation. If you are paying for text messaging, you don’t have to be.  If you have a smartphone, you can get a free app for messaging to help save your company money. […]

Group Messaging For Small Businesses – Pros of using IM

Group Messaging For Small Business

Effective communication is essential in the workplace, especially in small business. You might think it’s easier for small businesses to communicate because of the smaller number of employees. However, in small business most employees wear a variety of hats and need to be able to easily communicate across departments without wasting time or resources.  Instant […]