Announcing OfficeChat v1.5


Every day, new teams are coming to Office Chat, big and small, start-ups to multi-nationals! Today we are thrilled to bring the following features and make Office Chat a solution for even more companies. The ability to sign-up with any valid emails including public email such as, etc. is now available. So, if […]

Instant Messaging For Business – Best Practices

Instant Messaging For Business

In the world of instant messaging and social media, defining rules in the workplace is essential. What qualifies as instant messaging etiquette in your personal life, doesn’t necessarily translate into the professional world. It’s important to know the difference. Instant messaging for business is a remarkable tool. As you implement it, it’s important to have […]

What is Instant Messaging Software?

Instant Messaging Software

Instant messaging software has been around for nearly twenty years. We’ve all likely had some experience with it but just in case, Merriam-Webster defines instant messaging as “a means or system for transmitting electronic messages instantly.” Many of us remember the emergence of instant messaging software (IM) in the 1990’s. It was so exciting to […]