Is Your Instant Messaging Application Really Secure?


Any business-grade instant messaging application that you choose for your company replaces your emails and all other traditional mediums. It aims to take charge as the most reliable and secure means for interaction within your organization. Your instant messaging application helps your employees interact daily, share confidential documents and collaborate on critical issues/queries. Selecting the […]

Office Chat v2.12 Release


Office Chat version 2.12 will be released in phases between June 11  to June 15 to all office chat users world-wide. This release includes the following new features & improvements. Voice, Video and Screen Sharing  Starting June 11 and rolling out over the next few weeks, Office Chat users will get voice, video calling and screen sharing with any […]

Top 10 Myths Busted About Instant Messaging Applications


Instant messaging (IM) predates the internet. Yes, you read that right. This report indicates that though the phrase ‘instant messaging’ entered common usage in the early 1990s, the concept dates back to the mid-1960s with the Compatible Time-Sharing Systems (CTSS) created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1961 that allowed up to 30 users to […]

Six Ways to Improve Employee Experience with Office Chat


  Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project, knows a lot about what makes employees really happy. “Happiness is affected by [employee’s] sense of control over their lives,” says Rubin. In fact, we have to do better – now more than ever – to improve employee experiences. According to a recent […]

Office Chat vs. Trillian for Business: Which App is a Winner?


Trillian is one of the oldest Instant messaging service still available. Released in 2000 as a freeware IRC client, Trillian has come a long way and now focuses majorly on business instant messaging. We decided to compare Trillian for Business and Office Chat on various factors to determine which one fares better as a business […]