Office Chat v2.12 Release


Office Chat version 2.12 will be released in phases between June 11  to June 15 to all office chat users world-wide. This release includes the following new features & improvements. Voice, Video and Screen Sharing  Starting June 11 and rolling out over the next few weeks, Office Chat users will get voice, video calling and screen sharing with any […]

Office Chat v2.11 Release is Live


Office Chat v2.11 has been released on Mar 19th & Mar 20th for all platforms. It includes the following new features & improvements. Priority Messaging  Regular instant messages in Office Chat work perfectly for most situations. But some situations are so time-sensitive that they could use a stronger signal. That’s why Office Chat is introducing Priority Messaging, to help you emphasize your most important […]

Office Chat v2.10 Release


We are pleased to announce the release of Office Chat version 2.10 which goes live on Feb 9th.. This release would include the following enhancements & bug fixes. New Enhancement in Windows Desktop & Mac Clients Share what’re working on with custom status:  Show co-workers what you’re up to and your availability with custom status messages. Custom status messages can […]

Office Chat v2.9 Released


We are pleased to announce Office Chat 2.9, the first release in 2018 on all platforms. This release includes the following enhancements & improvements and goes live in phases between Jan 17th – Jan 22nd for all our Office Chat customers. New Features for the Office Chat Admin Remote Management of Windows & Mac Clients:  Windows Desktop  & Mac […]

Office Chat v2.8 Released


We are pleased to announce the release of Office Chat 2.8 for all platforms. This release includes the following cool enhancements & improvements and goes live between Dec 6th & Dec 9th, 2017. New Features for the Office Chat Admin Create New Groups (Admin Portal): Domain admins can now create new groups in the admin portal. As part of creating a new group assign a […]