New Office Chat 3.0 is Live

New Office Chat 3.0 has been released. This release of Office Chat will be available to accounts who signup on or after Nov 30, 2020. Current Office Chat accounts will continue to be Office Chat 2.X version at this time. Release Summary New 1:1, team messaging & screen-sharing user experience on Windows, Mac & Linux […]

How Office Chat is Helping Businesses Work From Home

Within the past couple of weeks, many companies have had to consider how social distancing practices will impact their everyday operations. Whether this means changing office hours or requiring employees to work from home, this is a considerable change for many businesses, especially those who do not have the technological resources to stay in touch […]

Introducing Office Chat 1-to-1 Video, Voice Call and Screen Sharing Feature

Need to present your strategy to your manager but can’t step out because the rain just won’t stop? Or want to quickly work with your colleagues to meet a tight deadline, but are also heading to attend an important meeting? Now Office Chat helps you do all of this and more… With Office Chat’s in-app […]

Office Chat v2.12 Release is Live

Office Chat version 2.12 has been released on June 15th  all office chat users world-wide. This release includes the following new features & improvements. Voice, Video and Screen Sharing  Starting June 11 and rolling out over the next few weeks, Office Chat users will get voice, video calling and screen sharing with any co-worker in their list. You can use […]

Office Chat vs. Trillian for Business: Which App is a Winner?

Trillian is one of the oldest Instant messaging service still available. Released in 2000 as a freeware IRC client, Trillian has come a long way and now focuses majorly on business instant messaging. We decided to compare Trillian for Business and Office Chat on various factors to determine which one fares better as a business […]

Office Chat v2.11 Release is Live

Office Chat v2.11 has been released on Mar 19th & Mar 20th for all platforms. It includes the following new features & improvements. Priority Messaging  Regular instant messages in Office Chat work perfectly for most situations. But some situations are so time-sensitive that they could use a stronger signal. That’s why Office Chat is introducing Priority Messaging, to help you emphasize your most important […]

Office Chat v2.10 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Office Chat version 2.10 which goes live on Feb 9th.. This release would include the following enhancements & bug fixes. New Enhancement in Windows Desktop & Mac Clients Share what’re working on with custom status:  Show co-workers what you’re up to and your availability with custom status messages. Custom status messages can […]

Office Chat v2.9 Released

We are pleased to announce Office Chat 2.9, the first release in 2018 on all platforms. This release includes the following enhancements & improvements and goes live in phases between Jan 17th – Jan 22nd for all our Office Chat customers. New Features for the Office Chat Admin Remote Management of Windows & Mac Clients:  Windows Desktop  & Mac […]

Office Chat v2.8 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Office Chat 2.8 for all platforms. This release includes the following cool enhancements & improvements and goes live between Dec 6th & Dec 9th, 2017. New Features for the Office Chat Admin Create New Groups (Admin Portal): Domain admins can now create new groups in the admin portal. As part of creating a new group assign a […]

Office Chat v2.7 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Office Chat 2.7 for all platforms. This release includes the following new enhancements & improvements and is scheduled to go live between Nov 2nd & Nov 10th, 2017. New Feature for the Office Chat Admin Create User Accounts With No Email Address: Office Chat now allows you to create accounts in your office […]