How Law Firms Improve Productivity And Security With Office Chat

  Today, instant messaging applications have become a major part of our lives and have completely redefined how we interact and engage with others. Though our personal lives might have been influenced heavily with the advent of smartphones and instant messaging apps, data theft and security breaches are a major concern that modern workplaces face […]

Introducing Office Chat 1-to-1 Video, Voice Call and Screen Sharing Feature

Need to present your strategy to your manager but can’t step out because the rain just won’t stop? Or want to quickly work with your colleagues to meet a tight deadline, but are also heading to attend an important meeting? Now Office Chat helps you do all of this and more… With Office Chat’s in-app […]

6 Ways To Make Every Meeting Productive With Office Chat

An estimated $37 billion is completely lost due to unproductive meetings. Most employees dread meetings and often complain that they are too long and too frequent. With over 71% meetings described as unproductive, organizations still emphasize scheduling more meetings and employees mindlessly join in to contribute to an unproductive work culture. Elon Musk, the CEO […]

Top 10 Myths Busted About Instant Messaging Applications

Instant messaging (IM) predates the internet. Yes, you read that right. This report indicates that though the phrase ‘instant messaging’ entered common usage in the early 1990s, the concept dates back to the mid-1960s with the Compatible Time-Sharing Systems (CTSS) created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1961 that allowed up to 30 users to […]

5 Easy and Productive Ways To Move From Email To Office Chat

Imagine entering a visually stimulating and vibrant office space with passionate, motivated and dedicated employees. But instead of laptops or workstations, these employees are still made to work on – typewriters. For many office workers, this is close to reality. For them, a typical work day starts off by ineffectively checking their emails first thing in the morning. […]

Message Delivery Confirmation

Every message you send to a coworker via Office Chat have indicators that acknowledge the delivery of a message. Here is what they mean:  – Private message or Team message successfully delivered to the Office Chat server.  – Private message successfully delivered to the phone / Windows Desktop / Mac of the recipient. Please note: This does […]

Custom Status

The custom status feature in Office Chat is a real time indication of what you are doing so you can stay up-to-date with your coworkers. To set your custom status: On the mobile app, tap on the top left icon to view the left panel. Then tap on your presence text next to the picture. […]

Delete Messages. Delete Team.

You can delete individual messages or the entire team by following these steps. These steps apply to individual messages you have sent and the team you have created. Deleted messages and teams are permanently removed from your device, all office chat servers, and the recipient devices. This operation is irreversible and the deleted item cannot […]