How Video Chat Helps Businesses Move To The Next Level

We now live in an era where communication is highly dependent on technology. And while a lot of debate exists about how technological communication influences society, its benefit to business is without a doubt. Employing video chat and other kinds of alternative communication methods can help organizations streamline team collaboration, enhance internal communication and boost […]

Our Favorite HipChat and Stride Alternatives

Recently, Atlassian’s team-chat services Stride and Hipchat fell victims to the ever-competitive instant messaging market. The announcement came as somewhat of a surprise since Atlassian had only recently sold these services to Slack, one of their competitors. Atlassian attributed this sale to the dramatic changes in the real-time communications market and believed that the partnership […]

Six Ways How Office Chat Helps Retail Firms to Improve Employee Communication and Productivity

  Today, digital transformation for retail organizations is an absolute necessity. With growing mobile phone dependent consumers and modern customers preferring online shopping, a retailer needs to upgrade and cater to each type of customer with the same level of user experience. Be it any small firm or a large enterprise, every retailer now understands […]

How Law Firms Improve Productivity And Security With Office Chat

  Today, instant messaging applications have become a major part of our lives and have completely redefined how we interact and engage with others. Though our personal lives might have been influenced heavily with the advent of smartphones and instant messaging apps, data theft and security breaches are a major concern that modern workplaces face […]

6 Ways To Make Every Meeting Productive With Office Chat

An estimated $37 billion is completely lost due to unproductive meetings. Most employees dread meetings and often complain that they are too long and too frequent. With over 71% meetings described as unproductive, organizations still emphasize scheduling more meetings and employees mindlessly join in to contribute to an unproductive work culture. Elon Musk, the CEO […]

Is Your Instant Messaging Application Really Secure?

Any business-grade instant messaging application that you choose for your company replaces your emails and all other traditional mediums. It aims to take charge as the most reliable and secure means for interaction within your organization. Your instant messaging application helps your employees interact daily, share confidential documents and collaborate on critical issues/queries. Selecting the […]

Top 10 Myths Busted About Instant Messaging Applications

Instant messaging (IM) predates the internet. Yes, you read that right. This report¬†indicates that though the phrase ‘instant messaging’ entered common usage in the early 1990s, the concept dates back to the mid-1960s with the Compatible Time-Sharing Systems (CTSS) created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1961 that allowed up to 30 users to […]

Office Chat vs. Trillian for Business: Which App is a Winner?

Trillian is one of the oldest Instant messaging service still available. Released in 2000 as a freeware IRC client, Trillian has come a long way and now focuses majorly on business instant messaging. We decided to compare Trillian for Business and Office Chat on various factors to determine which one fares better as a business […]

How Office Chat Helps Accounting Firms To Work Securely and Efficiently

The pace of technological change and innovation in all aspects of our lives is showing no signs of slowing down. Improved internet coverage, advanced cloud infrastructure and adoption of smartphones and tablets is certainly changing the profile of small business owners and the relationship they have with their accountants. This not only gives unparalleled opportunities […]

12 Ways Office Chat Can Help You Embrace a Remote Working Culture

A recent¬†study found that remote workers achieved a 13 percent improvement in their performance as compared to in-office workers. Nine percent of that was achieved by working for longer periods while 4 percent resulted from more calls in the same time. Other than the productivity, work satisfaction and turnover improved as well. Remote working environments […]