Why Office Chat Instant Messaging Application is a Must for Your HR Department

Results from a recent online poll suggest that 71 percent of employees from the tech industry rely on the instant messaging applications at work. In international companies, it’s used by 62 percent of the workforce. These figures indicate that the sooner companies adapt to the instant messaging tools, the better and more efficient their internal communication will […]

WhatsApp vs Office Chat: 8 Reasons why using WhatsApp might be bad for your Business

  There’s no denying that WhatsApp as an instant messaging app has quickly become a part of personal interactions. Though purely intended to be useful only for private communications, WhatsApp is now being used by employees, and even some employers, for business related purposes. Instant messaging apps work phenomenally well in a business environment as […]

10 Ways to Improve Team Communication at Work using Messaging Applications

A recent survey shows that about 39% of employees worldwide believe that people in their organization don’t collaborate enough. Yet nearly 3 in 4 employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important.” Not only is proper internal communication within teams key to company success, but a lack of it is counterproductive.  This post will help you to improve the team communication in your workplace […]