Six Ways to Improve Employee Experience with Office Chat

  Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project, knows a lot about what makes employees really happy. “Happiness is affected by [employee’s] sense of control over their lives,” says Rubin. In fact, we have to do better – now more than ever – to improve employee experiences. According to a recent […]

Office Chat vs. Trillian for Business: Which App is a Winner?

Trillian is one of the oldest Instant messaging service still available. Released in 2000 as a freeware IRC client, Trillian has come a long way and now focuses majorly on business instant messaging. We decided to compare Trillian for Business and Office Chat on various factors to determine which one fares better as a business […]

How Office Chat Helps Accounting Firms To Work Securely and Efficiently

The pace of technological change and innovation in all aspects of our lives is showing no signs of slowing down. Improved internet coverage, advanced cloud infrastructure and adoption of smartphones and tablets is certainly changing the profile of small business owners and the relationship they have with their accountants. This not only gives unparalleled opportunities […]

12 Ways Office Chat Can Help You Embrace a Remote Working Culture

A recent study found that remote workers achieved a 13 percent improvement in their performance as compared to in-office workers. Nine percent of that was achieved by working for longer periods while 4 percent resulted from more calls in the same time. Other than the productivity, work satisfaction and turnover improved as well. Remote working environments […]

Why Office Chat Instant Messaging Application is a Must for Your HR Department

Results from a recent online poll suggest that 71 percent of employees from the tech industry rely on the instant messaging applications at work. In international companies, it’s used by 62 percent of the workforce. These figures indicate that the sooner companies adapt to the instant messaging tools, the better and more efficient their internal communication will […]

6 reasons why your healthcare organization needs to switch to HIPAA complaint Office Chat Instant Messenger

With the health industry becoming the largest employer in the US, the spurt in the number of jobs in this sector is stemming from adminsitrative jobs rather than physician jobs. The majority of non doctor jobs include administrative and management jobs, including receptionists and office clerks. This increase in the healthcare care professionals as well […]

WhatsApp vs Office Chat: 8 Reasons why using WhatsApp might be bad for your Business

  There’s no denying that WhatsApp as an instant messaging app has quickly become a part of personal interactions. Though purely intended to be useful only for private communications, WhatsApp is now being used by employees, and even some employers, for business related purposes. Instant messaging apps work phenomenally well in a business environment as […]

5 Must-Have Business Communication Tools for Every Organization

A few years back, a typical workplace was just a physical office space with employees working on phones and email with meetings confined to set working hours.  Both technological advances, a dynamic work culture and global business practices have swiftly transformed the modern-day workplace. This emphasis on efficient collaboration between teams, employees, clients and vendors […]

10 Ways to Improve Team Communication at Work using Messaging Applications

A recent survey shows that about 39% of employees worldwide believe that people in their organization don’t collaborate enough. Yet nearly 3 in 4 employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important.” Not only is proper internal communication within teams key to company success, but a lack of it is counterproductive.  This post will help you to improve the team communication in your workplace […]

5 Easy and Productive Ways To Move From Email To Office Chat

Imagine entering a visually stimulating and vibrant office space with passionate, motivated and dedicated employees. But instead of laptops or workstations, these employees are still made to work on – typewriters. For many office workers, this is close to reality. For them, a typical work day starts off by ineffectively checking their emails first thing in the morning. […]