OfficeChat 1.3.1 (Point Release) General Availability

A point release update on 1.3 release of Office Chat for all platforms is now available for download from . This point release contains a number of bug fixes and improvements related to reducing memory usage and support for iPhone 6 and 6 plus devices, as well as other minor issues. The full release notes with bug fixes and changes are as follows:

Office Chat for iPhone and iPad:

  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ device ready.
  • Reconnecting UI strip was invisible sometimes issue fixed.
  • Tap to upload your picture area of touch improved.
  • Welcome landing page not getting refreshed at times after the first conversation issue fixed.
  • Sometimes push notifications not received issue has been fixed.
  • Sometimes the app crashed when IMs were typed at a fast rate.
  • Fixes around stability of the device after it was re-enabled from a dis-abled state has been fixed.
  • Sometimes UI text alignment of text boxes was distorted after resetting password has been fixed.
  • Sometimes when a message requiring acknowledgement was sent it was treated as normal message has been fixed.

Office Chat for Android:

  • Battery usage has been reduced by over 50% on all android devices.
  • Sometime the presence of the user was shown offline even when the user was online.
  • Issue with sometimes a message being stuck in sending state has been fixed.
  • Sometime the latest presence was not refreshed in colleagues list has been fixed.

Office Chat for Windows Desktop:

  • Bug fixes around acknowledgement messages.
  • Outlook contacts were not always getting fetched correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Suspended users are now shown a relevant error message during login attempts.
  • Added more information to ‘Report an Error’ & ‘Email Logs to Office Chat support’ to better identify issues.

Office Chat for Mac:

  • OS X Yosemite (10.10) ready.
  • Improved experience in upgrade to a new client.
  • Higher reliability of sending IM and around re-connection logic.
  • Compose actions brought out on the menu bar for quick accessibility.
  • New team chat type ahead keyboard usability improved.
  • Sometime app crashed when the presence change toaster was shown is fixed.
  • The app crash when an audio file was shared with a message acknowledgement is fixed.
  • Sometimes app crashed when loading older messages is fixed.
  • Sometimes app crashed when the machine came out of sleep mode is fixed.
  • Fixed a crash when command+c was pressed and the focus was not on text box.
  • Easy of reporting an issue to when it happens directly from the error dialog.

Why Office Chat?

1_2Built for Business: Office Chat premium gives company admins a web-based admin portal with full administration control to: manage users, teams, messages, SSO integration with company's active directory, the usage and engagement  dashboard, and email support 24x7.
2_1Email Interoperability: Office Chat allows you to send a message to anyone in your company. Users without the Office Chat app installed on their phone or desktop can participate in conversations via email.
1_1Available on Mobile, Desktop, and Mac: Office Chat is the only business messaging solution today that can get everyone in the company on board. It connects your mobile workforce using iPhone, iPad, or Android along with workers using Windows Desktop or Mac.

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