As Office Chat is 100% hosted of AWS, it benefits from following Key AWS Compliances and Certifications

Office Chat is 100% hosted of AWS, it benefits Key AWS Compliances and Certifications

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These certifications are achieved by AWS and not by Office Chat.

Enterprise and HIPAA/BAA Plans Come With Following Additional Application-level Security Options

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2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Most security breaches happen because of weak passwords or shared passwords across systems. For security conscious companies, we recommend enabling 2 factor authentication.

IP address based access control

If your employees only access MangoApps from your office, you can restrict access to your network to your office IP-range.

Advanced session management

Allows you to set a time period of inactivity, after the set timeout period the user will be automatically logged out of the current session.

Control who can add new users

As an admin you can control who is allowed to invite new users into your Office Chat account.

Advanced user access & security logs

User access log and security logs capture important account access and security related events including suspicious access attempts by authorized or unauthorized sources.

Detailed security alerts related to account access

You can choose to receive security alerts for things like accesses to account from different geographic location, incorrect number of password attempts by a user, unauthorized attempt to access from outside the valid IP range and more.

Remotely wipe data or session for mobile users

As an admin you can track all mobile users and easily suspend Office Chat access from a lost or stolen device, and even wipe out all the Office Chat stored data remotely.

End to end encryption of messages & files

All messages & files, sent under the enterprise plan, are encrypted when stored on the client, sent over the network or stored on the server.

Message retention & compliance rules

As an admin you can setup for how long different types of data will be retained in your domain. In addition, admins can control whether users are allowed to delete their own messages or not.

Self-destruct messages

As an admin you can setup messages and files to automatically get deleted either when all recipients have read it or when a fixed time interval has passed since the message/file was posted.

BAA signing option

As of January, 2015 Office Chat is able to sign business associate agreements (BAA) with customers on the yearly enterprise plan.

Force signout all users

As an admin, you can force all users on your domain to sign out anytime you want. This gives you a level of security against potential unauthorized access from shared computers.

Business Plan Come With Following Application-Level Security Options

Setup password strength & complexity of password

You can set requirements like minimum number of characters, upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters to make your company passwords secure.

Require a PIN to access MangoApps on mobile devices

Secure your mobile devices with a PIN in addition to a password. This will ensure that the information on your device is kept secure if lost or stolen.

Allow or disallow mobile access per platform

You can choose to allow or disallow employees to connect to your network using Office Chat mobile apps

Setup action if login fails 'x' number of times

Setup to automatically suspend users after a certain number of incorrect password attempts. You can choose to de-activate it for a specified period of time or until a domain admin activates it again.

Setup who is allowed to delete messages

As an admin you can control whether users are allowed to delete their messages or not (both 1-1 messages as well as group messages.)

Control who can create groups

As an admin you can control whether users are allowed to create groups or groups can only be created by admins