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What is Admin Announcements Group?

From OC 2.4 release (released Aug 1st, 2017), all your users would start to see a new group called “Admin Announcements”. Your company’s domain admin would be automatically assigned  the group creator rights  and would have full admin privileges of this group. This group will automatically include all active users in your company and you’ll see a indicator  “new!” against the group name.

This group is designed to share important announcements and news by the domain admin. This group has no reply back capability so there is no distraction and noise caused with everyone replying back in a group chat. If for some reason you don’t need this group, the domain admin can delete it at any time from the admin portal.



How do I configure who can send IM?

As a domain admin you can control who can send IM in a specific group. The choices you have are

  • Any Member of the Group can Send IM (default)
  • Domain Admins and Group Admins can Send IM
  • Only Domain Admins can Send IM

This is great feature for admins to share important announcements and news in a group. This group has no reply back capability so there is no distraction and noise caused with everyone replying back in a group chat. This feature is available to domain admins on both business & enterprise plans

Admins can set this setting from Admin portal > Groups > A Group Action > Group Settings


You will see a message like this in the chat window if you’re a group member who can only receive messages but can’t reply back in the group.



What are the security, privacy & compliance capabilities in office chat?

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought. Office Chat delivers proactive security, control and IT compliance over your company’s data.

Security, Privacy & Compliance Features in Office Chat:

  • All messages exchanged & files shared on office chat are encrypted in transit (TLS/SSL) and at rest (256-bit AES encryption)
  • With custom data retention & deletion rules, admins of your company control how long you wan’t your data stored
  • Remote device management to disable or wipeout downloaded office chat content on mobile devices
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) security to drastically reduce the risk of online identity theft
  • User and access management to easily add, remove or investigate users through the admin portal

Most Trusted Certifications:

Office chat runs on AWS cloud which delivers end-to-end, enterprise grade encryption and anywhere/anytime reliability.


For details on the security certifications, please review: http://aws.amazon.com/security/

More Information:

Basic plan does not have encryption or admin options. The premium plan has encryption during transmission only. Enterprise plan has all security features.

If you would like more information please review Office Chat’s privacy policy and terms of service or contact us