How do I delete a user from Office Chat?

Office Chat domain admin can delete a user from the network.  Deleting the user will permanently delete all private chats the user has had with all other users and all groups that the user has created. Additionally, all chat messages & files posted by the user in groups which the user is a member of would be permanently deleted.

To delete a User from Office Chat network:

1. Login to your Office Chat domain from any web browser
2. Click on the “Admin” tab on the top main menu (Admin Tab is accessible to domain admins only)
3. On the Admin Portal, click on Users tab.
4. Select the checkbox next to the users you want to delete.
5. Click the “User Tools > Delete” menu
Delete A User Office Chat

Kindly check the following video, to delete a user from your Office Chat network:


In case you wish to maintain the chat records of such employees, we recommend deactivating the user instead of deleting the user. Deactivating the user keeps all the content posted by the user intact. This history might be useful to preserve for knowledge & audit purposes. Help article on deactivating users: