How do I sign to the Office Chat HIPAA/BAA plan ?

To signup for the Office Chat HIPAA/BAA plan:

Office Chat offers HIPAA/BAA plan that conforms to the HIPAA‘s security requirements and we have a separate specialized server for total HIPAA compliance. Hence, in order to signup for our HIPAA/BAA plan, we request you to signup for it following the below steps:
2) Under the HIPAA/BAA plan, click on ‘Signup for Free’ button
3) You will have to enter your email id and contact details to complete the signup process

4) Upon creating your account, you will immediately receive a confirmation email with your temporary password

To switch from your current existing Enterprise/Business/Startup plan to HIPAA/BAA Plan:

Office Chat offers HIPAA/BAA plan that conforms to the HIPAA‘s security requirements and has a separate specialized server for total HIPAA compliance.  Hence, another domain will have to be created on the HIPAA/BAA servers and we cannot use your current Enterprise/Business/Startup plan domain.

1) To switch your existing plan to HIPAA/BAA plan, write to us on with your existing domain name and the preferred domain name for your new HIPAA/BAA  Office Chat domain. Eg:

2) We will then delete the non-HIPPA compliant Office Chat domain and create a new Office Chat domain on HIPAA/BAA complaint server as per the name requested by you.
3) You can then log in, complete the billing details and reinvite all your users, to this new HIPAA/BAA complaint domain.
4) Once this the change is complete we will send you a BAA document to print, sign, scan and send back, where we will do the same and send you a completed BAA. You will need this document to be HIPAA compliant. There is no additional cost for this processes or the BAA etc.
Kindly Note:
  • All the amount that was paid towards your Enterprise plan will get adjusted and transferred to your HIPAA/BAA plan on a pro-rata basis.
  • Also, note the billing for Office Chat HIPAA/BAA plan is done annually.
If in case you have further queries, feel free to reach out to us on