How do I sign a BAA Agreement with Office Chat? 

“BAA” is an acronym for “business associate agreement”. BAAs are hybrid contractual and regulatory instruments, meaning both the parties satisfy HIPAA regulatory requirements. 

To initiate the BAA process a few things will need to occur. 

  1. To get a BAA,  Office Chat will be available only on the Enterprise Annual Plan. You can see the pricing here: 
  2. We will create a new domain on a special server. You can let us know what name you need, for example: (Current domain / Companyname). The special server runs on a 7-day auto destruct meaning nothing is kept after 7 days. 
  3. Once you have access to your new domain, please invite your staff to this new Office Chat domain. At this point we will suspend the old domain. (This old domain will be deleted once the entire process is completed)
  4. Add your credit card details to the billing area.
  5. We will send you the BAA to sign. Following which we will sign the documents and send you a completed BAA for your records. 
  6. If you have an existing account, we will internally transfer any remaining funds to the new domain or refund them depending on if we are switching plans or what the situation calls for. 

To start, please fill out and email this information to with the Subject Line: ‘Office Chat BAA Agreement’ 

  1. Office Chat Domain name: 
  2. Office Chat Admin Email: 
  3. Email of the person to send the BAA agreement (if different than admin): 
  4. A number of user seats needed (you start with 50): 
  5. Your current Office Chat plan is (If Applicable): 
  6. Acknowledge this will be the Enterprise annual plan: $999 for a year (type Yes) :