How will I get notified about messages when I am offline?

With Office Chat you can setup your users to receive an email digest for new messages when they’re offline for more than 30 mins.

When someone sends you messages on Office Chat and you happen to be offline, you will receive an email. This will help you to keep yourself updated whenever you are not able to be online on your Office Chat network. 

To enable Email Notifications for offline messages: 

  1. Log in to Office Chat in your browser and go to the Admin Portal
  2. On the left hand navigation menu, find and click on ‘Domain
  3. Find and click on ‘Email Settings 
  4. Here, under ‘Notifications‘, you can select to enable Email Notifications for Offline Messages 
  5. Click Save to register your preferred settings 

The video illustrates how you can enable Email digest for Offline Messages: