Can I Add users who do not have an Email ID?

Office Chat allows you to create accounts in your office chat network without any email address.  

This is a great way to support the following use cases:  

  • If you have employees who don’t have a company email address, and you don’t want to use their personal email address (@gmail / @yahoo, etc.) but need them to be part of the groups created in your office chat network.
  •  If you want to create office chat accounts that represent rooms, stores, reception desk, nurse station, etc. Which don’t have a real email address and perhaps different people in shifts use the rooms/front desk/reception desk, nurse station, etc. and need to communicate in groups.

 To create Office Chat Accounts for users who do not have an Email id, kindly look at the following steps: 

  1) Login to Admin Portal and navigate to ‘Users’ tab on the Left-Hand side Navigation menu 

2) Once on this page, Click on ‘Add Users’ 

3) Here look for the ‘Add using User ID’ tab. 


4) Under this option, you will be able to add the User’s Full name, User ID and the Initial Password 

5) Click on ‘Create Users’ button to create the user accounts. These Login ids and initial passwords can be used to login to your Office Chat Network