What is included with Office Chat Premium?

Office Chat Premium goes beyond the user-only features of Office Chat Basic to allow:

  • Direct user administration such as adding or deactivating users, resetting user passwords, user usage analysis and user mobile access control.
  • Ability to delete conversations and delete messages.
  • Integration with Active Directory / LDAP authentication servers.
  • Team management.
  • Device management.
  • Analytics and Reporting

The UI is presented with a top-level navigation bar with several menus. Each top-level menu and it’s features and capabilities will be described below. You can jump to a specific menu description using the links:


The Home Page

The Home page is the landing page in Office Chat Premium. It is also a dashboard with sections for:

  • Usage Summary
    A bar graph showing Private Chat, Team Chat and File activity usage over time.
  • Quick Actions
    App links to take you directly to other important areas of Office Chat Premium

  • App Downloads
    Download clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms
  • Account Summary
    Quick description of your plan and the number of active users.
  • Support & Help
    Resources for learning more about Office Chat and contacting Support.
  • More Info
    Links to other pages like the Office Chat Blog, Office Chat App Twitter page, Office Chat Privacy Policy, and Office Chat Terms of Service.


The Users Menu

The Users Menu shows different search tools to find users quickly. Users can be selected by the checkbox to the left of their name. Then, once selected, choices from the “User Tools” menu can be applied to each user including:

  • Sending invites
  • Resetting passwords
  • Changing email addresses
  • Activating or deactivating users
  • Granting or removing administrative priviledges
  • Viewing users’ mobile devices (unique IDs)


The Teams Menu

The Teams menu is a list of teams that have been created in your Office Chat domain. Each team can be viewed, exported, transferred to a new owner, renamed, archived or deleted.


The Devices Menu

A complete list of mobile devices that have connected with your Office Chat network. The ability to disable any device or wipe out the Office Chat data from any device on the next login attempt is available on the Mobile Device Management page.


The Analytics Menu

Custom analytic reports can be generated based on date range, teams, users or platforms.


The Integration Menu

The default setting for Office Chat authentication uses emails and a password that is maintained in Office Chat for authentication. Active Directory / LDAP authentication uses an existing AD server and provided connection specifics for authentication to Office Chat.

Users in your LDAP can be filtered out from using Office Chat based on the LDAP User Object Filter specified in Step 2 of the settings form.

Office Chat profile pictures and other user profile data can be controlled through the field mapping settings in Step 2 of the form.


The Billing Menu

The billing menu has 2 sections: Payment Details and Invoice Details.

The Payment Details section shows your credit card information and total payment price. Credit card details can be changed if you get an updated credit card.

Your invoices can be displayed from the Invoice Details section. There you can also customize your invoice with your company’s name and change the VAT number, the company address, and who receives a copy of the invoice through email.