Does Office Chat support Active Directory / LDAP / SSO integration?

Yes, Office Chat domain admins can configure an active directory or LDAP server from the web admin interface.

What access do you need to integrate your active directory / LDAP server?
  • You will need to allow incoming access from the IP address:
  • You will need to allow incoming access to LDAP port 389 and secure LDAP port 636
What do the different configuration fields mean?
  • Server Type & Account/UPN Suffix:  You have a choice between “Active Directory” and “OpenLDAP” servers. Choosing “Active Directory” enables the additional “User Setting” section where you define the account suffix (UPN Suffix) that is configured for your AD.
  • Host Name & Port:  The LDAP server and port you are connecting to.
  • Base DN:  The base distinguished name of your LDAP used for the base search.
  • Administrator DN & Password:  User authentication for a user that has search capability and is able to perform all read-only directory operations.